The Travel Channel called it one of the most scenic day trips around the world. National Geographic called it one of the best ways to experience the world through a glass bubble.

Of course, we are talking about the famous Alaska Railroad.

If you are thinking about visiting Alaska on your next vacation, then continue reading to learn why you should ride the Alaska Railroad during your trip.

Enjoy Scenic Sightseeing Viewing

If you wonder why you should ride the Alaska Railroad, then keep in mind that Alaska comes alive in the summertime. Plants begin to bloom, the Midnight Sun starts to shine, and wildlife are easier to spot.

If you take a ride on the rail, you will enjoy scenic Alaska right up and close.

Unique Options to Choose From

There are multiple Alaska Railroad trips to choose from, depending on your interests and what you wish to get out of your vacation.

The Coast Classic is ideal for those travelers who wish to get a taste of Alaska in one day. Beginning in Anchorage, the train will head south down to Seward (or vice versa). Enjoy scenic shots of mountains plunging into the ocean as you head past Turnagain Arm towards the Kenai Peninsula.

Then there is the Denali Star, which gives visitors a look into the captivating Denali National Park. As the Alaska Railroad’s flagship train, it winds past rushing rivers, canyons, and mountains. On a clear day, guests may even get a glimpse of Denali, North America’s highest mountain. The train runs from Anchorage to Fairbanks every day in the summer and is a common method of transportation for guests headed to Denali.

No matter what trip you take, you will be on the adventure of a lifetime.

Consume Delicious Food

It might not have crossed your mind before, but the food onboard is a great reason why you should ride the Alaska Railroad. The trains in Alaska focus on local ingredients in the meals served on board.

Consider the ‘Snowbird Barley’, which uses ingredients from the Alaska Flour Company in Delta Junction, Alaska. Or for dinner, choose between locally-sourced ‘Reindeer Bolognese’ and potato ‘Crusted Alaskan Cod’.

Just a special touch to appreciate during a beautiful ride on the Alaska Railroad.

Travel with Locals

Last but not least, if you choose to ride the Alaska Railroad, you might just find a local Alaskan or two to chat with during your ride.

Thanks to the Onboard Tour Guide Program, locals are guiding these trains during the summertime. They are full of insider knowledge of the state, and a great tool to have onboard in case you have any questions as you watch the world go by.

Interested in the Alaska Railroad for your Alaskan vacation? Contact us today to learn about our custom programs and how you can add a ride on the rails to your private tour today.