Have you ever wondered why people choose to live in Alaska?

We understand.

Alaska is the largest state, otherwise known as ‘The Last Frontier’, and comes with a distinctive reputation. It’s widely known as one of the best summer vacation destinations in the world, but what happens after the visitors leave?

Let us fill you in on the secrets about living in Alaska, all year long.

Easy Access to the Outdoors

As you could have guessed, we love living in Alaska because of the outdoors. On any given day, we can go out in our “backyard” and head out in the backcountry. Going along with this, we also have our own unique adventurous activities to pursue. Whether it’s our passion for camping, hiking, skiing, or mountain biking—we have it all, just minutes away from our home.

Our Unique Seasons

During the winter, the sun goes down sooner and the cloudy skies can drop down buckets of snow. For people living in Alaska, however, there’s nothing better than views of snowcapped mountain vistas as we partake in our favorite winter activities.

Except for maybe our Alaskan summers. During the warmer months, the sun doesn’t go down until well after midnight. To maximize our time with the light, you can catch us staying up later in the outdoors and enjoying our time with others.


In Alaska, we get to share our home and trails with countless other unique wildlife in the state.

Plus, where else can you share the city streets with a roaming bear or moose?

In the cities, you have to watch your step and pay careful attention when driving. Animals have a tendency to wander in the cities, and there’s nothing quite like it, making our home very unique and special.

Scenic Transportation

Let’s face it: getting around from city to city can take a chunk of our day. Luckily for us living in Alaska, if we’re spending our day in the car or on a boat, we’re doing it in style. The scenic highways wind along the dramatic shorelines of the ocean, or through valleys of sloping mountains. While traveling long distances can be demanding, no matter where we are, every turn reveals another scenic wonder.

Delicious Food

Not to mention, the amazing food we get to eat here. As Alaska is surrounded by the ocean, we never run out of fresh seafood and fish. Nothing tastes better than Alaskan-caught, trust us. Our vegetables even grow larger due to the long days of sunlight in the summertime.

For the meat eaters, we favor reindeer and other wild game. In the warmer months, we will eat anything with freshly-picked berries in it. We especially can’t forget about the local beers produced by our incredible local breweries.

The Alaskan Way of Life

Of course, living in Alaska comes with its fair share of challenges as well. Everything is more expensive here because we have to import a lot of our food and goods. Plans can be canceled or delayed because the Alaskan weather can be so unpredictable.

At the end of the day, however, we truly love living in Alaska. Come visit us to experience our way of life, and you might just fall in love too.