As the seasons start to change and the fall season starts to kick in, who will you likely find roaming the hillside and trails of Alaska?

Answer: Berry Pickers

This is the ideal time for berry picking in Alaska, before the berries start to disappear in September. If you are visiting this time of year, try to pick some berries for yourself so you can learn why so many people are gathering these tiny fruits.  In fact, here is a short guide to berry picking in the great state of Alaska down below.

How to Go Berry Picking in Alaska

First of all, make sure you are on public property. As long as you are picking for your own consumption, you can take as many berries as you want. There are local hikes right in Anchorage that you can easily access while in Alaska’s largest city, but you can also pick berries in many of Alaska’s parks.

You must also make sure you make a lot of noise as you pick; you may also be competing with bears and other wildlife for these delicious treats. Singing songs, talking out loud, and carrying bear spray are all tactics for protecting yourself in the great outdoors.

Popular Berries to Pick

Blueberries: Only pick the grey-blue color, skip those that are still red. Hold a bunch at once and rub them with your fingers, the ripened berries will come right off.

Raspberries: Pick the berries that are a deep red. If they are hard to pick, then they aren’t ready.

Cloudberries: These berries look like golden raspberries but taste unexpectedly tart.

Lingonberries: These small, red berries are tart as well.

Salmonberries: Can be picked if yellow, orange, or red. The orange berries tend to taste the best.

But Definitely Stay Away From…

Any berry that is white – they are all poisonous. Also keep a look out for the baneberry, which can be white or red with a black spot. Berry picking in Alaska can be a fun activity for any visitor, but when in doubt, show your berries to a park ranger or to someone who works at your hotel or lodge to be safe.

Thinking about planning a trip to Alaska during the autumn season? Contact us today to learn about our custom programs and you might be able to try some of these delicious berries yourself.