Select the Right Small Ship for Your Travel Style

Special Interest

If you wish to explore Alaska’s coast privately for a truly tailor-made experience, small ships can be chartered. Each week-long itinerary can be customized to compliment your specific interests, such as photography, whale watching, or Native culture. These chartered vessels offer much more flexibility in the itinerary and activities, so that you can spend the time where and how you wish to spend it.


Multi-generational families are often challenged with trying to find activities and experiences that are appropriate for all ages and abilities. Charter vessels are a perfect match for families, allowing everyone to experience Alaska together while providing a variety of activities. Small-ship cruise charters are the perfect way to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and other family milestones.


Regardless of how you wish to spend your time aboard a chartered boat, you will enjoy the same first-class service as the ship staff is dedicated to fulfilling your every need. And the activities, adventure, and Alaskan cuisine are just added benefits to small-ship cruising.

Private Options

Most small-vessel charters options have a capacity of 8 – 12 pax, but larger vessels are also available. Charter options in Alaska are somewhat limited, so advance planning is recommended to ensure the right vessel is available for your requested dates.

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