About Us

We are Alaska Private Touring

With our unparalleled depth of Alaska travel industry relationships and our “Alaska-only” focus, the Alaskans on the Alaska Private Touring team are true experts in Alaska destination knowledge and itinerary development.

Our team of Alaska Travel Designers is highly professional, detailed, and thorough. We value discretion, and we hire based on integrity. We always carefully review with you all the elements comprised in your itinerary, and we are obsessive about detail. Our goal is to be your trustworthy Alaska concierge, working with you to leverage our knowledge and local relationships to provide you with the highest guest service standards. At Alaska Private Touring, our clients always come first, period.

Alaska Private Touring is one of the brands comprising Stellar Collection, a group of leading tourism companies in Alaska.

Pamela Manderson

General Manager

A lifelong Alaskan, Pamela has worked in Alaska tourism for more than 25 years, cultivating relationships with supplier partners around the state.  Her experience includes budgeting, planning, and operating unique and private experiences for individuals and groups from all corners of the globe.  She and her highly trained team know what questions to ask to best determine the unique needs of each client before creating a private, customized itinerary and nothing is as satisfying as turning client dreams into reality.

Pamela and her husband, Allen, have raised their family in Alaska, which includes two children and three rescue pups.  Summers are spent exploring their own Alaskan back yard in between their son’s baseball games, and winters bring visits to warmer destinations including Las Vegas, where their daughter attends college.

Josh Fichtelberg

Senior Travel Designer

Josh was born in New York, and grew up in New Jersey.  He spent years traveling around Central and South America teaching SCUBA diving and exploring the world.  In 2014 he packed up his bags living in the Florida Keys and drove up to Alaska for what was meant to be a summer job adventure in Alaska.  He never left!  He worked for 7 years on luxury railroad cars entertaining and touring guests throughout beautiful Alaska.  For the last 2 years he was the Lead Guide and Director of Operations for a local tour operator.  Now he’s turning his knowledge and love for Alaska towards helping people plan their perfect dream vacations up to Alaska.  Josh spends most of his time hiking, camping, and adventuring with his Golden Doodle Gooseberry!

Klaus Hanley

Travel Designer

Klaus was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, and spent his growing-up years doing exactly what you might expect an Alaskan kid to do: skiing, camping, fishing, and exploring the great outdoors. At 16, Klaus took his first job as a commercial fisherman in Bristol Bay. After six summers of smelling like fish and not getting any sleep, he left the fisherman’s life behind in pursuit of work in the skiing and biking industries. While attending school in Spokane, Washington, Klaus met his wife Katherine and successfully convinced her to move to Anchorage in the summer of 2021. Since moving back, they spend most of their time skiing in the backcountry with their husky Raleigh, fishing in Cook Inlet and/or hanging out with their favorite neighbor, Klaus’s Grandma Alyce.

Shelby Williams

Travel Designer

Shelby grew up under the sunny skies of California and spent her childhood in the great outdoors with her parents and older brother. She grew up camping, hiking, traveling, and playing sports.  At age 18, she spent some time in Washington state before heading to the mountains of Big Sky, Montana where she fell in love with winter and everything it has to offer.  Shelby spent most of her days snowboarding, hiking, exploring the Rocky Mountains and the quiet little mountain town she called home.  Eventually, Shelby got wind of Alaska and knew she had to go.  Planning to stay for just the summer, Shelby headed north to Alaska in 2021 and never looked back, now calling Alaska ‘home.’  Shelby spends most of her time camping, hiking, snowboarding, backpacking, and exploring the state with her two huskies, Luna, and Juno.

Davis Johnson

Product Coordinator

Born and raised just outside Orlando, Florida, Davis Johnson’s journey took a turn when his love for the outdoors and culinary arts led him to the wild landscapes of Alaska. From childhood camping escapades to a culinary school externship on the Alaska Railroad, Davis has spent the last decade exploring Alaska’s beauty and immersing himself in its vibrant hospitality and tourism scene. Now calling Alaska home, Davis spends all his free time either in the Alaskan outdoors or wishing he was there.

Kyli Mathies

Product Coordinator

Kyli was raised in Anchorage, Alaska and a lot of her childhood was spent outside enjoying Alaska’s beauty: camping, fishing, clam digging, hiking, snowmobiling, sledding, and more. For college, she went to school just outside of Portland, Oregon and made the move official in 2010. Kyli enjoys working remotely as a Product Coordinator and loves learning about the incredible opportunities available for those who want to explore Alaska!

Kyli currently lives south of Portland, Oregon with her husband and their two young boys. Even though she hasn’t lived in Alaska for over a decade, she still considers it home and tries to visit her parents and friends as often as she can. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with extended family, exploring parks with her sons, and singing in local choirs.