Why a Private Tour?

Alaska Private Touring is the ultimate solution for any Alaska visitor seeking a unique, seamless and highly-personalized travel experience – from start to finish. Our goal is to deliver the ideal Alaska luxury trip designed just for you based on your specific personal standards, aspirations and dreams.

Alaska is our universe.

Alaska Private Touring is Alaskan-owned and operated and we focus exclusively on Alaska-based itineraries.  Our professional Alaska Private Touring Travel Designers are true experts in Alaska destination knowledge and our knowledgeable team has over 35 years of Alaska travel industry experience. We know what to do, where to do it and when to do it. And, we understand the true definition of “luxury” in Alaska terms.

You can trust in our team’s unparalleled destination knowledge and our professional expertise. When it comes to travel partners in Alaska, we know everyone and they know us. We can source what you want and get you there seamlessly. We have the negotiating leverage to deliver best-in-class experiences and accommodations. We know how to curate the best, most exclusive and most authentic Alaska experiences you can find.

Beyond your bucket list. The best of the best.

Our mission starts and ends – with you. We want to bring your Alaska dreams to life beyond your wildest expectations. We want you and your travel companions to indulge your curiosity, discover new insights, maybe challenge yourselves if you wish to, and bring home memories of a lifetime. You want more, you deserve more, and you value a luxury experience. We understand. We want you to go way beyond your Alaska bucket list on your trip. And our job is to ensure that you come home raving about your experience.

We are passionate about creating itineraries that allow you and your travel companions to explore authentic Alaska and treating you to the best “only in Alaska” exclusive experiences you can find. We’ll get you into the best accommodations available. We’ll arrange seamless private transport to take you from point to point, and we’ll arrange for you to be hosted by the perfect guides on spectacular adventures and guided experiences all across the state. And if the weather throws us a curve, we will already have contingencies in place to get you back on track as quickly as possible.

Better than one to one. Us to you.

Who has time to plan an exceptional Alaska vacation? Not you. That’s where we come in. Our entire team of Alaska Travel Designers at Alaska Private Touring is dedicated to listening closely to your specific destination and activity interests, time constraints, amenity needs and any other requirements you might have so that we can customize your itinerary accordingly. Our experts will research availability, give you options, provide pros and cons and recommendations, and make the entire planning process as easy as possible for you and your fellow travelers. And when you are in Alaska, we are there to ensure every detail is in place from private transfers to hotel check-ins. Our team has you covered. We’re here to deliver 24/7 availability – 100% of the time.

What’s on your Alaska bucket list?

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