Alaskan Native Culture

The earliest inhabitants of Alaska crossed the Bering Land Bridge from Asia into what is now western Alaska, near Nome, and their Native Alaskan descendants are the present day Yup’ik, Inupiaq, Aleut, Tlingit and Athabascan tribes. Meeting these indigenous Native Alaskan locals and experiencing, first-hand, their traditions, culture and lifestyles is perhaps the most memorable way to take a little bit of Alaska home in your heart.

If you wish to include one of these very special moments into your Alaska visit, our Travel Designers know just how to make that happen. You’ll discover the essence of Native Alaska culture from subsistence hunting and fishing to drumming, singing and storytelling, from talented artisans skilled in carving and hand-crafted beading to tribal festivals celebrating community, strength and athleticism.

Here are some very special ways to experience Alaskan Native culture on a private tour…

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An Intimate View of Alaskan Native Artists

Travel back in time on an intimate couple of hours as you converse with Alaskan Native artists about their cultural traditions and creative heritage expressed through their diverse art forms. Discover the many ways in which Tlingit art is... Read more

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