Aboard the M/V Sea Mist from Ketchikan to Juneau

An Exclusive Cruise Through Prince William Sound

Experience the epitome of luxury on a cruise from Ketchikan to Juneau, Alaska. Anticipate lavish accommodations with scenic balconies, gourmet dining featuring local delicacies, and exclusive shore excursions unveiling the region’s natural wonders. Indulge in onboard entertainment, wellness activities, and personalized itineraries, all complemented by attentive service. Encounter Alaska’s diverse wildlife against a backdrop of breathtaking glaciers and fjords, ensuring an unforgettable journey through the pristine beauty of coastal landscapes.

Wildlife, Waterfalls & Glaciers!

Day 1

Arrive in Ketchikan

Upon your arrival in Ketchikan, your luxury journey begins with a seamless transition. A private driver guide will welcome you, providing personalized assistance and insights. Enjoy a comfortable and scenic transfer to your hotel in Ketchikan, where the city’s charm awaits. This first day sets the tone for an exclusive experience, combining the convenience of private transportation with the anticipation of discovering the unique attractions and amenities Ketchikan has to offer.

Day 2

Ketchikan to Juneau; Embarkation

Celebrating your forthcoming journey aboard the Sea Mist, we await your arrival in Ketchikan, the gateway to Alaska’s famed Inside Passage. Ketchikan charms with its spirited salmon, scenic vistas, and rich Alaska Native culture.

After a brief orientation aboard the Sea Mist, we venture towards Meyers Chuck, a remote enclave disconnected from roads and cars, epitomizing Alaska’s wilderness. In summer, its population swells to around 25, as visitors boat to their cabins. Cassy Peavey, the 74-year-old postmistress, is famed for her cinnamon rolls, sustaining the community through winter when only she and her husband remain. Activities include beach walks and kayaking around the islands. Evening beckons cocktails and dinner aboard the Sea Mist, with time to stretch legs and explore Meyers Chuck’s rustic charm.

Day 3

Petersberg Awaits

Following an early departure, breakfast awaits as we journey towards Petersburg, a fishing village established by Norwegian immigrant Peter Buschmann in the late 1800s. While several canneries operate in Petersburg today, the Tlingit fishermen have a history dating back over 2,000 years in this region. During low tide, you can explore the remnants of their ancient fish traps. There will be ample time for exploration before dinner.

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Day 4

Baranof Warm Springs

Today we head towards Baranof Warm Springs. This area has spectacular views. The town itself is very small and is located on the eastern side of Baranof Island. A large beautiful new public boat and plane dock along with bath house, natural hot springs, picnic shelter is all open to the public. Baranof lake is a short walk away and is spectacular with its waterfall and natural hot springs. After a beach walk to the waterfall enjoy dinner on the Sea Mist

Day 5

Chichagof Island - Tenakee Springs

Today’s adventure brings us to Tenakee Springs, a cozy community of approximately 100 residents nestled on Chichagof Island in Southeast Alaska. Many consider a visit to Tenakee incomplete without indulging in the soothing hot springs, revered for their healing qualities since ancient times by the Tlingit people and later by gold rush miners who endured winters here. Embrace the charm of this quaint town.

Day 6

A Day In Sitka

Embarking on our Alaskan voyage, we’ll anchor at Sitka, an enchanting coastal town steeped in history and natural splendor. As the former capital of Russian America, Sitka’s legacy is palpable in its architecture and cultural landmarks. Delight in exploring the rich tapestry of Sitka’s past, from the storied Russian Bishop’s House to the majestic totems of the Sitka National Historical Park. With time to spare, wander the quaint streets lined with vibrant storefronts or venture into the pristine wilderness that embraces this coastal gem. Sitka promises an unforgettable chapter in our Alaskan odyssey.

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Day 7

Departure In Juneau

As our journey draws to a close, we find ourselves in the heart of Alaska’s capital city, Juneau. It’s always a bit amusing to note that our state capital isn’t accessible by the road system. Nestled in the Gastineau Channel and the Alaskan panhandle, Juneau stands as a unified municipality, ranking as the second-largest city in the United States by area. Its history dates back to 1906 when it was designated the capital of Alaska, following the relocation of the government from Sitka as mandated by the U.S. Congress in 1900. The municipality achieved unity on July 1, 1970, merging the city of Juneau with Douglas and the surrounding Greater Juneau Borough, now larger by area than both Rhode Island and Delaware. Rest assured, a private driver will be awaiting your disembarkation to whisk you away to your hotel for the night.

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Day 8

Adios Alaska

After enjoying breakfast in Alaska for the last time and then meet your driver at the entrance of your hotel. Your driver then will take you to the Anchorage airport for your departure flight out of Alaska.

Amenities, nearby adventures and more...

Main Ship

The 78-foot Knight and Carver custom built yacht is equipped with state-of-the-art stabilizers, ensuring the utmost comfort as you travel through the waters of Prince William Sound.  The yacht is beautifully appointed and features a spacious main salon that doubles as the dining area.  Wrap-around windows provide maximum viewing space so you can always keep your eye on the water and maybe even catch a sunset whale breaching show.


The Sea Mist staterooms are appointed with all the comforts of home so you can soundly relax after a day of adventure.  Each has its own ensuite bathroom, and generous storage space for you to settle in for your big adventures.  The Chinook Suite boasts a queen-sized, pillow-top bed and an extra large bathroom.  The Sockeye Suite offers two side-by-side twin beds, and the Coho suite features top and bottom bunk beds – perfect for families with children (note, a second suite with side-by-side twin beds can be substituted for an all-adult charter).

Your trip will include transportation to and from your hotel as well as pick up and drop off at the port of Ketchikan.

The Sea Mist’s chef prepares delicious meals based on your pre-arranged culinary preference and dietary needs.  You can choose from a wide array of surf and turf options.  A favorite guest activity is to help set a shrimp pot in the morning – embark on a day of adventure – then come back to the pot in the evening to have the fresh shrimp incorporated in the evening appetizer or main entrée.  A family-friendly activity that everyone will enjoy.

Your private yacht experience will be tailored just for you by the captain and crew so you and your companions have the opportunity to enjoy the Prince William Sound adventure of your dreams.  Wildlife viewing is a daily occurrence in these scenic Alaska waters so keep your eyes peeled and your cameras ready!  For the more adventurous water-based options include kayaking among the icebergs or in a hidden cove, or even stand-up paddle boarding!  Make a day of it with the family and pull up to a beach for a light hike followed by a bonfire under the evening skies.  The options are as endless as your imaginations.

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A chartered sea plane will pull up alongside the yacht to whisk you away to a remote lodge to continue your Alaskan adventures.

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Extend your time aboard the Sea Mist to take in even more Alaskan scenery and adventure, combined with the warm hospitality of your personal yacht crew.

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Booked a transfer from Seward to Anchorage for 25 guests at the end of their cruise. They were very pleased with the service and especially Rose their driver. I worked with Rhiannon to plan this and her service was exceptional. I will recommend them and use them again.

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