Are you dreaming of visiting Alaska, but not sure when to come?

While May will soon be over, visiting Alaska in May or any other part of the shoulder seasons is an excellent idea. The shoulder season occurs during the months outside of Alaska’s busy summer season of June, July, and August.

During spring or fall, services are just beginning to wake up or shut down from the winter. In fact, here are 6 advantages why you should visit Alaska during the shoulder seasons down below.

1. Discounted Rates

If you are visiting Alaska in May or a different part of the shoulder seasons, then you can take advantage of discounted rates on accommodations, excursions, and other services. This is especially beneficial for guests on a budget, as you may want to plan your trip around this time.

2. Reduced Crowds

If you wish to skip the busier crowds that summer brings to Alaska, then consider exploring during the shoulder seasons, outside of that busier time.

3. Cruises

Based on the above, shoulder season could be the perfect time for you to book an Alaskan cruise. Many cruise lines will begin their Alaskan journeys at the end of April or beginning of May and last through the end of September.

If you have dreamed of visiting Alaska in the spring, then consider a cruise when the rates are cheaper and there are smaller crowds on board.

4. Better Wildlife Viewing

Visiting Alaska in May is a grand idea if you are interested in wildlife viewing. Early spring can be a prime time to see wildlife migrating back to Alaska, such as shorebirds, bears, and whales.

The fall can also be a great time to witness wildlife mating, grazing, or migrating south for the winter season.

5. Ideal Weather

Early spring is an ideal time to visit Alaska as the weather is warming up, the trees are beginning to bloom, and the grass is starting to get greener. It can also be drier at this time compared to the rest of the year.

Meanwhile, September and October will be slightly cooler, but not quite snowing yet. An Alaskan autumn season is very short, but worth it if you can catch a glimpse of the season changing throughout the vast land.

6. Northern Lights

Last but not least, consider visiting Alaska in the shoulder season for chances to see the northern lights. While Alaska is known for the ‘Midnight Sun’ during the summer, consider visiting when there is less daylight for the chance to see this miraculous nature feature.

Have You Narrowed Down Your Time to Visit Alaska?

While visiting Alaska in the shoulder seasons may be helpful for some, it does not have to mean it’s the right option for you. Whether you need help deciding on a time to visit Alaska, or help coming up with your dream vacation, contact Alaska Private Touring.

Our team of staff are experts on visiting in Alaska at any time of the year, so let us help you today.