Cruise Prince William Sound: Round Trip From Whittier

Discover the Majesty of Prince William Sound

Cruise Alaska’s Inside Passage exploring Prince William Sound out of Whittier aboard this luxury ship with a professional captain and crew who meet your every need.  This area within Southeast Alaska showcases incredible scenery and wildlife.  Discover steep cliffs, waterfalls, and tidewater glaciers from the observation deck on your charter vessel or hop in a kayak or hike an island trail for an even closer view.  Wildlife and marine life abounds in and around these waters and each hidden cove offers new opportunities for adventure.  With a maximum capacity of 36 guests and 18 cabins, this experience on board the Safari Explorer is the ideal way for families (or a couple of families) of all ages to experience Alaska – up close and personal.

Alaska's Vast Beauty Unveiled: A Coastal Odyssey Awaits You.

Day 1

Arrival in Anchorage and Private Transfer to Hotel

As you touch down in Anchorage, the gateway to the Last Frontier, a warm personal greeting welcomes you. Experience seamless comfort with a private transfer to your hotel, setting the tone for the adventure that lies ahead in the heart of Alaska’s vibrant city.

Day 2

Private Transfer to Whittier, AK - Embark on Safari Flagship Vessel

Embark on a private transfer to Whittier, AK, where the anticipation builds for the journey ahead. Step onto your safari flagship vessel, where comfort and exploration converge. Aboard, immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery as your Alaskan adventure unfurls across pristine waters.

Day 3

Cruise Around Icy Bay Glaciers

Set sail on a mesmerizing cruise around the Icy Bay Glaciers, where the icy landscapes unfold in a majestic panorama. Marvel at the sheer beauty and tranquility that defines this unique part of Alaska, capturing moments that linger in memory.

Day 4

Journey Around Prince William Sound

Navigate the serene waters of Prince William Sound, a natural masterpiece showcasing glaciers, wildlife, and untouched wilderness. This captivating journey unveils the raw beauty of Alaska, creating an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary.

Day 5

Cordova, AK - Town Exploration with Guided Tour

Discover the hidden gems of Cordova, AK, as you explore the town with a guided tour. Gain insights into the local culture, history, and unique charm, making your stop in Cordova a memorable and enriching part of your Alaskan expedition.

Day 6

Columbia Glacier

Awaken for a day of awe as you cruise around Columbia Glacier. Witness the monumental beauty of this icy giant, surrounded by the sounds of cracking ice and the breathtaking vistas that define Alaska’s pristine wilderness.

Day 7

Explore Unakwik Inlet and Meares Glacier

Venture into the secluded wonders of Unakwik Inlet and Meares Glacier, where untouched landscapes and natural wonders create an immersive experience. Feel the connection to Alaska’s untamed beauty in this remote and captivating part of your journey.

Day 8

College Fjord and Carry Arm

Navigate the wonders of College Fjord and Carry Arm, where towering glaciers and majestic fjords paint a vivid portrait of Alaska’s grandeur. Each turn reveals new scenes of natural splendor, offering a deep dive into the wilderness.

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Day 9

Disembark in Whittier, AK - Private Transport to Girdwood

Conclude your cruise adventure in Whittier, AK, and savor the transition with a private transfer to Girdwood. Nestled in the serenity of this Alaskan town, relish the night with the memories of the day’s exploration echoing in your mind.

Overnight in Girdwood, Alaska at Alyeska Resort.

Day 10

Private Transport from Girdwood,

Experience a comfortable private transfer from Girdwood, AK, to Anchorage Airport, allowing you to reflect on the rich tapestry of your Alaskan odyssey. Depart with a sense of fulfillment, carrying the spirit of the Last Frontier with you as you bid farewell to this remarkable journey.

Amenities, nearby adventures and more...

Yacht Vessel

From its beautiful teak wood decks, to its 360-degree viewing points you are sure to enjoy all the luxury this private yacht has to offer.  The large, plush salon offers plenty of seating, or you may choose to visit with the captain in the fully-enclosed flybridge with wraparound seating.


Your private yacht features four gorgeous staterooms, each with walk-in closets, build-in dressers, and spacious en-suite bathrooms with full vanity and walk-in showers. Three staterooms have queen beds with an optional fold-down twin bunk.  The fourth stateroom has two twin beds and a third fold-down bunk if needed.


Your culinary experience will start as soon as you arrive to the ship, with a champagne greeting along with hors d’oeuvres to celebrate the journey ahead. Fresh seafood will be featured throughout the cruise, and you may even help to catch the seafood yourself!

Your Alaskan adventure will not only feature spectacular wildlife and scenery viewing, but will also provide a uniquely Alaskan culinary experience. The on board professional chef will prepare one culinary delight after another for you. Everything is prepared on board, and with the limited number of guests the chef can cater to any special food needs, diets, or allergies. You will enjoy learning from the chef as they prepare your meals, the galley is open to guests and interaction is encouraged.

When not fishing or cruising, your personal, highly-trained crew will take you on many other adventures. From kayaking in hidden coves to hiking to remote waterfalls, there are activities for all. All of the adventures are custom tailored to meet the needs of each guest. Not a hiker? No worries, go for a shoreline exploration in one of the small boats while others hike. Never kayaked? Great! That will just make it that much more fun as the head guide with years of kayak experience takes you out and shows you the way to paddle. Guests from age 6 to 90 have kayaked, and all come back smiling.

Other possible activities (all included) are: beachcombing, birding, wildlife viewing, fishing, hiking, hot springs, kayaking, shrimping/crabbing, photography, flora, whale watching, and glacier viewing

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Stay at a deluxe, remote lodge in combination with your private yacht charter

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